DO’s vs DONT’s


DO Ladies? Covered Up!


Or a DON’T? Little Cleavage!


Either way honey, do you! Showing a little skin don’t hurt anybody. Don’t ever think one bit that you can’t wear a fitted dress that snatches those curves. I read my bible daily and I’m sure you can agree that, the good Lord never said I would be punished for loving myself and the beautiful features he has blessed me with. It’s not always what your Momma gave you, but it’s the way you embrace what she gave you.

Now there are some DONT’s to how women should express themselves through fashion, and that’s not showing off too much. We still want men to respect us. Minimum is always good and like they say simple is always more. You can achieve a fierce look without a skanky look. But take risk, it won’t hurt!


Mi Casa Su Casa

My House Is Your House

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This Christian blog is to inspire those who follow Jesus Christ and who can see that you can still believe in the good Lord but still be trendy and fashion forward without apologies. The focus is to motivate believers into being creative, innovative thinkers, and to step out on faith! The significance of my blog name “Amen, Slayers & Prayers” is to give the old school spirit x new school vibes. You remember in church when someone agreed with you, they would holler, “Amen” or “Glory to God”, well that’s the feel I want to express here! Don’t hesitate to agree with me and shout Amen under a post! I want you to embrace yourself and encourage others that evolution and change from “back in the day” church goer’s style of dress isn’t always a bad change. Old church goers hate to see your melanin popping in an outfit, or a skirt or dress without panty hose. But why is really wrong?Evolving shouldn’t be looked down upon just because we’re millennials. My blog gives insight on the latest fashion and trendy ideas, key essentials all trendsetting Christians have in order to slay, and weekly slay alerts of Christian youtube vloggers/bloggers, news, and more. I hope my blog reach believers of old school style to new school style, because as believers we already stand out. We should empower others by being who we are so they will be comfortable being a servant of God in the skin they are in! Now in the name of Jesus!

Christian Youtube Vlogger Alert!


Being a public figure is easy, but sharing your life and reality to others can be difficult. I started Youtube as a way to show what God has done for me. I want to inspire others through my stories, and testify to non believers that God never failed me once. This was a mountain I had to climb for a long time, because I never thought I would be good enough to express myself without being misunderstood on a social platform. Im here to tell you, believe in everything you do, because you may just change a life. I will start sharing my vlogs of my life soon, to share how good God has been. My Youtube channel was created to indulge in the life of people who are just like me; who loves beauty, makeup, who has natural hair goals, and who love to show off their fashion, and last but not least spread the gospel.



NATIONWIDE Ministry Committed to Sharing Faith & GOD’s Love Through Apparel

FAITHFUL CHICS BOUTIQUE is a thriving Christian store, owned by fashion mogul Crystal Perkins, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Perkins has influenced so many women and couples, including myself in Arkansas by emphasizing that you can be bold in your love for God through her apparel. Her Christian shirts have beautiful sayings on them such as, “Faithful Chics”, “But God”, “Faith On Fleek” and many more designs. Perkins has a testimony to share with the world and she exposes her truth through her business! Her Apparel is absolutely of quality and perfection. I have purchased many shirts at her apparel for myself and others and I will continue others to support her business! You can follow Faithful Chics Boutique on their Website or on Instagram and Facebook! You can also visit & shop at their store on line or locally at 400 N Bowman Suite 16, Little Rock, Arkansas



-Faith On Fleek? Or Nah?-

Wake. Pray. SLAY.


GoodMorning, Rise & Grind! First things First Pray, then start your Sanctified day with a healthy drink. Let your cup runneth over with positivity. A cool drink will open your thoughts to greatness and creativity. Starting your day with anything healthy will sharpen your mind. This is for sure a key essential to a successful day. Say Amen if you Agree! Let us know what’s your favorite healthy drink to power up your day.

-For We Slay by Faith, Not by Sight -[II ClassyCorinthians 5:7]-